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Some Vacation This Is...

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The World Is My Toilet

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Subtract line 36 from line 15, transfer amount to line 40 on page two....I hate 1040's

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Pebbles Recounts Her Childhood

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my truth detector device tells me that you are indeed lying!

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Thy unemployment hath run out

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That's How Lols Were Made In The Olden Days

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And Not A Single Farthing Was Given That Day

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By Wanabrutbeer

I Regret My Love Of Music...

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Sounds Like A Fair Trade...

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I'm telling you, we can make a fortune selling these things! We will call them "Snuggies".......

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But Wait!! There's More!

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Gardening Can be Such a Chore

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Oh Man, That Ferret Looks Hungry...

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I art happy for the, and I shall let thou finish, but Beyonce had one of the best moving pictures of all time.

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