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Blessed Art Thou, Nutrisystem!

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So we are agreed, at long last. Half meat lovers, half veggie, a mix of pan and deep dish, and the gentleman from Rhode Island only gets one slice.

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Does this mean they don't count anymore?

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I Ain't Sayin' She's A Gold Digger...

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Ohhh Thank You, Lord!

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Barrister Is The Best

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By Christopher

What the women in Lady Isobel's family lacked in the bust they more than made up for in the hips.

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Damn Mom, That's Harsh!

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Very Confusing Even in Medieval Times.

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The Collar Of Avoidance

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Why, Mr. Franklin! Are You Sure It's Legit?!

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They Will Be Driven Before Us And Forced To Hear The Purrs Of Their Women!

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Yes, I drive a powder blue Prius. How did you know?

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Subtract line 36 from line 15, transfer amount to line 40 on page two....I hate 1040's

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Mother Will be Ever so Pissed.

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