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In An Alternate Universe...

art color funny historic lols illustration painting religion war - 4331315456
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Crazy Cat Lady You're doing it wrong

art funny painting religion - 3958933504
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Chocolate Helps In Times Like These

art color funny painting - 5701308416
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Oh Shi.....

art funny painting - 4352967936
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The Proof Is In Thy Pudding!

art funny painting royalty - 4131535872
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That'll Teach Her to Get All Uppity With Me

art color funny illustration mormon painting religion - 5882892288
By Unknown

Subtract line 36 from line 15, transfer amount to line 40 on page two....I hate 1040's

art funny painting - 4092874240
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Jeebs get ahead of himself...

camel jesus painting - 6274421504
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art demotivational funny painting portrait - 3949735680
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Perhaps you should ALL pay attention. There will be a test on this material.

art funny jesus painting religion - 4007374592
By Greybeard55


game painting - 6632485632
By xyzpdq1

Well, Since I'm Already in Trouble...

art color funny painting religion - 6103059968
By MockFerret

A Visual Display Most Unladylike

art funny lolz meme painting portrait - 4246359552
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It's Not a Free Show!

art color funny painting - 5448841984
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art demotivational funny painting portrait - 4341124608
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Listen, I'm not buying the "we'll get there faster if they row without tops on" line anymore.

art boat funny group scene painting - 4086693376
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