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She Decided To Start Selling Something Else...

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A Simple Switch Did The Trick!

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Just Check "Yes" Or "No"

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Wonderland Couples Therapy Was A Hit

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She Started Friday Morning And Never Looked Back

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By xyzpdq1

*Knock, Knock, Knock* "BILLY MAYS, HERE!!!"

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See all captions By TAHINAZ

Killer Party!

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Am I The Only One Who Finds This Suspicious?

art color funny illustration jesus religion - 4984406528
By MajorMalfunction

Men Should Never Dress Themselves

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See all captions By elizabuff

The Dangers Of Touching Yourself

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Via izismile.com


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The Victorian Era Is Not Amused

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'Their, There and They're was Another Big Issue...

art color funny historic lols illustration lady - 5760909824
See all captions By katweezel

For Confident Women And Curious Men!

art color funny illustration - 5034436608
By xyzpdq1
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