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LOL Wut?!

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By Unknown

If You Want To Go Out With Your Friends Tonight This Room Had Better Be Spotless!

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There Will Be Nothing To Stop Her This Time!

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I See...

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LOL Women Can't Fly

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Thank you, O Lord, for the Denny's Grand Slam I am about to partake.

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Is It Ok That I Brought A Couple Of Friends?

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Just Wait Until You Meet Our President And CEO, Mr. Golfsalot.

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I Hope You Learned Your Lesson, Young Lady!

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Better Hope Your Walk Is Silly Enough...

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Looks like there's a hole in your case (YEEEEEEEAAAAHHHHH!)

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She Always Had To Learn Things The Hard Way

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How Embarrassing!

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The Lack of Sustenance Games.

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No, But You WILL Respect Me!

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