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Basic 1950's Nutrition

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This Art Deserves the slow clap

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The Original Moonwalk

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Somebody Get That Kid Some New Glasses...

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Gee Whiz, Ma! You Sure Know Fashion!

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We Will Call This One The Reverse Homemaker.

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I Think It Is A Complement

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We Specialize In Delicate Dandy Boys

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I'll Show You What Happens When I Can't Afford You Anymore!

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Beats Me...

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And Pater was suich a quiet man

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Holiday Romances Never Last...

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The Royal Ball Was A Great Success!

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I'm About To Lose Control

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geez, this Starbucks gig is more complicated than I'd imagined

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Another IM from that dreadful Winthorpe. I do wish he'd lose my number.

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