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Liability Insurance Is Such A RIPOFF!

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See all captions By Sirlolworth

She Shouldn't Have Called Triple Ant

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You Are GROUNDED, Mister!

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See all captions By KyleTheSarcastic

We Specialize In Delicate Dandy Boys

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See all captions By WilliamKeckler

Ain't No Lie Baby, Bye Bye Bye!

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By daisy_safidi

Because Weekends Are For The Wives

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Via noblondes.tumblr.com


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See all captions By DJAussie

Well... This is Unexpected!

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Via alackofoxygen

This Looks Tapestryshopp'd...

art fake funny meme - 4672109824
By Unknown

No Wonder Jesus was Single.

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Give Me a Bloody Minute!!

art color funny painting portrait - 4208008192
By surething

Going Home...

art color funny Joseph Ducreux painting portrait - 4807149312
See all captions By Litany

Insert Tab A into Slot H, while aligning sliding bracket alongside fastener holes...

art funny knight painting - 3989100032
By fastfood

Reverse Mohawk

art funny illustration portrait - 5645563648
See all captions By YvhvCate13
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