Historic LOLs


Fluffy Was No Ordinary Cat.

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Thanks for the Help, Pa!

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See all captions By Greybeard55

I Could Get You a Full Ride...

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The failure of Jamestown was largely due to an unforseen zombie apocolypse.

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See all captions By darthsquirt2

God Bless You, Televsion!

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See all captions By walszu

Damn Girl, Chill Out

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Via iamtrulyinvincible.tumblr.com

The Royal Nigerian Chamber of Commerce asks ye fine European women to help us feed starving children! Just forward to us thy bank account numbers.

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See all captions By pegsterrific

Pole The Wood.

art color funny illustration lady soldier war - 5393876480
See all captions By amtronic

Thank Goodness for Vodka!

art color funny historic lols illustration lady - 5437962240
See all captions By silentdiabla13

Just Wondering...

art funny painting portrait - 4406171136
See all captions By Greencliff


art demotivational funny illustration oops - 4661662208
See all captions By calvinnh

Yep... Pretty Accurate All Right

art color funny historic lols illustration wtf - 5734370560
See all captions By ArchyWhitePH

Alright, Well What Can I Get For This Much?

art color funny kids painting - 6019997696
See all captions By glenn411

Poetesses are so Easy to Please...

art funny illustration - 5466389504
See all captions By WilliamKeckler

I'm Not A Part Of This Patriarchal System!

art color funny historic lols illustration lady - 5286745856
See all captions By 1walrusman

I'll Only Warn Thee Once!

art color funny painting portrait - 4258765312
By jaspatrick
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