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In your face! Literally these jokes and puns are right up there so don't blink you might get smacked in the face by one.

Friendly Envelopes

envelopes face Office smile stationary - 4491797504
Created by oufrii ( Via )

Boo Boo Cat is Spoooooky

best of the week cat face ghost Plush - 5195707904

Epicute: Sandwich Cheer

butterfly epicute face happy sandwich smile - 4462683904
Created by Unknown

Epicute: Chubby Chocolate Bunnies

bunnies chocolate ears easter epicute face sweets - 6065438464
Created by hungryhappenings ( Via Hungry Happenings )

Epicute: Snacky Snack Keepers

dough face mouth strawberries - 6372597504
Created by Unknown

Elmo Cupcake Earrings

accessories cupcakes earrings face Jewelry miniature - 5220663808
Created by destructofrog ( Via )

Angry Cloud

face lightning - 4275264256
Created by littlemissdelicious

Epicute: Rilakkuma Rolls

bear cake epicute face Rilakkuma rolls - 5572637184
Created by chinadollxxx

Dashie Hat

best of the week face fleece hat rainbow dash - 5370131456
Created by ArrowHorse ( Via )

Kero Frog Ring

accessories face frog handmade Jewelry ring - 6508032000
Created by misslovely ( Via Etsy )

Ninja Squid

face ninja Plush soft squid toy - 6122052608
Via Etsy

Someone to Watch Over Me

face peppermint suit table wtf - 6245911808
Via Etsy

Pearly White Tooth Necklace

chain face Jewelry necklace pendant smile tooth - 4193605376
Created by Unknown

Piggie Pan

cooking eggs face metal pan pancakes pig - 4651704832

Crocheted Totoro Hat

crochet ears eyes face grey hat string totoro - 4918263040
Created by corlista ( Via )

Epicute: Sweet Bear Bun

bear bread bun epicute face head - 4544030208
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