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Heart on Display

chain heart jar Jewelry necklace pendant - 4554523136

Epicute: Lovely Strawberry Muffins

epicute heart muffins strawberry - 5014202368
By derpelles (Via

Just Scratch a Hole Through a Real Ribcage, Pansy!

card heart valentine love - 7014225664
Via BoingBoing

Love bot

buttons heart Knitted love robot yarn - 6552596480
By DollHeart (Via Etsy)

Wait, Not the Blood of Christ? I'm Confused.

bottle heart Blood wine - 6952388608
Via Laughing Squid

Epicute: Oreo Love

cookies cream epicute filling heart oreo - 4620673024
By ekahnicole

Winter Buddy

Amigurumi blue cold crochet figurine heart scarf winter - 4181995776
By Unknown

Lovely Memo Note Holders

desk heart love note pink red valentine - 4377442304
By overtherainbow (Via

Epicute: Apple Lollipop

apple carved epicute heart lollipop snack stick - 4440760576
By CuteFoodForKids (Via

Epicute: Cake of Love

cake epicute heart pink surprise Valentines day - 5801223168

Epicute: Traditional Tattoo Wedding Cake

cake epicute heart wedding - 4850417664
By maxystone (Via

Epicute: Swirly Heart Cookie Cupcakes

cookies cupcakes epicute frosting heart icing - 4451902208

Epicute: Towering Mountain of Frosting

blue cupcake frosting heart rainbow sprinkles - 4488076800
By Meg (Via

Epicute: Stripes and Flowers and Sprinkles, Oh My!

cake colors epicute flowers fondant heart sprinkles stripes - 5184414720
By X-tasee

Apple and Heart Bowls

apple bowls ceramic heart pottery - 4534706688
Via Paasche Pottery

Cupcakes Love You Too

chain cupcake heart Jewelry necklace pendant - 6332199168
By amberdemure (Via Vinca)

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