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All that glitters is gold... Or so they say. They'd be wrong, but these auric memes and jokes will have you seeing dollars signs. But don't get gilded into looking at these precious puns, these are for folks who really love the majesty and splendor of auriferous humor.

Stop Burying All My Things!

chain gold necklace pendant squirrel - 6076460288
Via Etsy

Epicute: End of the Rainbow Cupcake

chocolate cloud cookies cupcake epicute gold rainbow - 4843429888
By Bold_singer (Via

Cutest Pony Pendant EVER

Bling gold hair mlpfim necklace pendant pink - 6440111872
Via Hawaii Kawaii

Epicute: Edible Art

cakes chocolate epicute gold Truffles - 4441249536

Golden and Filled With Butter

metal clutch purse croissant gold accessory pastry - 7036087552
Via Colette

Epicute: Leprechaun Trap

cake epicute gold green pretzels - 4564313856

Epicute: Gold-Dusted Cake Pops

cake pops epicute gold pink yellow - 5737344256
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