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Epicute: Classy, Classic Cupcakes

cameo cupcakes epicute fondant pink roses white - 5883889664
Via Diet Killer

Epicute: Alice in Cakeland

alice in wonderland cake cupcake epicute fondant teapot - 5027023360
Created by gingerkitty ( Via )

Epicute: Sunshine and Flowers

cake epicute flowers fondant lilies roses springtime yellow - 4576864512
Created by Unknown

Epicute: Perfect Heart Cupcakes

apple cupcakes epicute fondant heart hidden pink surprise - 4842796288

Epicute: It's Me, Mario!

birthday cake epicute flag fondant mario nintendo - 5406897920
Created by Hilary ( Via )

Epicute: Popcorn Bucket Cake

cake epicute fondant marshmallows Popcorn stripes - 4375467008

Epicute: Crafter Cake

amazing art basket cake craft epicute fondant sewing - 5174442752

Epicute: Lil Sprout Cupcakes

chocolate cupcakes epicute fondant green leaves plants - 4699988480

Epicute: Curious George and the Big Yellow Hat

cake epicute fondant hat monkey yellow - 5046968576
Created by Meghan ( Via )

Epicute: Under Construction

beautiful build cake epicute fondant lego - 6385659136
Created by DeeCakeLady

Epicute: Cupcake Cake Perfection

cake cupcake epicute fondant pink sprinkles - 4274837760
Created by eric.battiston

Epicute: Donut, Cake, Cake, Cake...

cake candle donut epicute fondant sprinkles - 5364147456
Created by mariam hussain ( Via )

Epicute: Bears 'n' Balloons

bears cake epicute fondant - 6340340736
Created by Mitsuki_Ichigo ( Via StarRise Roulette )

Epicute: Hot Chocolate Fakeout

cake cup epicute fondant frosting hot chocolate marshmallows mug - 4605777664

Epicute: Under the Sea

cupcakes epicute fondant - 5714819328

Epicute: Succulent Cupcakes

cactus cupcakes dessert epicute fondant plants - 6147006976
Created by jarkien1018 ( Via The Messy Apron )

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