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Epicute: Under the Sea

cupcakes epicute fondant - 5714819328

Epicute: The Royal Cake

cake decorated epicute fondant frosting icing - 4718379008

Epicute: A Peck and a Kiss

bird cake epicute fondant leaves Mushrooms snowman - 4302737920
Created by Le Gateau Bake Shop

Epicute: Fluttery, Frilly Layers

blue cake epicute Flower fondant icing layers rose white - 4976930304

Epicute: Chevron Cupcakes

cupcakes epicute fondant stripes - 5210049280

Epicute: Monkey Loves Bear

bear cake epicute fondant frosting monkey - 6447590912
Created by Izzicane

Epicute: Flower Pot of Wonders

amazing cake epicute fondant gorgeous magic - 4754067968

Epicute: Birdie Love For All Seasons

birds cake epicute fondant nest tree - 4575804416
Created by gingerkitty ( Via )

Epicute: Madagascar Cake

animals cake fondant Movie - 6514590720
Via Bite My Cake

Epicute: Curious George and the Big Yellow Hat

cake epicute fondant hat monkey yellow - 5046968576
Created by Meghan ( Via )

Epicute: In the Name of the Moon

cat cupcakes epicute fondant rose sailor moon - 5343667712
Created by AntHouse

Epicute: Marry Me

cakes epicute fancy fondant - 6372520448
Via Diet Killer

Epicute: Spring? Please?

cake daisies epicute flowers fondant lilies spring - 4535400704

Epicute: Crime Scene Cake

crime scene epicute fondant - 4969150464
Created by Carla

Epicute: Easter Egg Cake

cake egg epicute fondant - 6043060736
Via Geek Alerts

Epicute: Catbus Cake

cake catbus epicute fondant my neighbor totoro - 6359634432
Via The Nommables

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