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Moustaches For Every Body Part

chain Jewelry necklace pendant - 6076449024
Via Etsy

Peeking Sun Necklace

cloud face glitter Jewelry necklace sparkly sun - 4052584704
Created by Unknown

Narwhal Ahoy!

face horn Jewelry narwhal ring whale - 6494916096
Created by PandaLover567 ( Via Etsy )

Little Third Ear Earrings

best of the week Earring Jewelry weird - 6347683072
Via Geek Alerts

Dalek Cuff Bracelet

bracelet daleks Jewelry doctor who - 6938451200
Via Etsy

Play It Again Ring

Jewelry metal retro ring silver tape - 4994328832
Created by BaskaraRebirth

Slow Down

accessory chain Jewelry metal necklace outline pendant sloth - 4103820544
Created by jo

Happy Toast Necklace

accessory butter chain cute-kawaii-stuff face Jewelry kawaii necklace Painted polymer clay smile Teeny toast - 4014860544
Created by Unknown

Super Geeky Portal Friendship Necklaces

accessories blue friendship Jewelry necklaces orange Portal video game - 4772282112
Created by Christmas Pepper ( Via LicketyCut )

Dark Coffee Necklace

black chain coffee cup Jewelry necklace pendant saucer spoon - 5417620224

Goldfish Bowl Earrings

earrings goldfish Jewelry - 4355114240
Created by Sugar82 ( Via )

Mint Chip Necklace

accessories chain ice cream cone Jewelry necklace pendant - 4882529280
Created by i_has_kawaii ( Via )

Laser Cut Wood Rings

accessory animal Jewelry laser cut pattern ring silhouette wood - 4006939904
Created by soph_ee

I Love You Sew

accessories Jewelry necklace thread - 5352157952

Raincloud Necklace

accessories beads chain cloud Jewelry necklace pendant rain - 5924479232
Created by yael360 ( Via Yael 360 )

King and Queen Kitty Rings

accessories crowns gold Jewelry kitties rings silver - 4743585024

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