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Get Your Game Fingers On

accessories controller Jewelry ring - 6545315072
Via Gizmodiva

Super Geeky Portal Friendship Necklaces

accessories blue friendship Jewelry necklaces orange Portal video game - 4772282112
Created by Christmas Pepper ( Via LicketyCut )

Pi Necklace

accessory cute-kawaii-stuff geeky Jewelry math metal necklace nerdy - 3916025088
Created by Unknown

Blueberries Without Stains

accessories blueberries Jewelry necklace - 4934320896
Created by Satu ( Via )

Cupcake Time!

bracelet cupcakes gold Jewelry pink - 4252934656
Created by lamaillon

Just a Little Cup, Please

coffee cup Jewelry miniature ring silver spoon - 5330904320

Slow Down

accessory chain Jewelry metal necklace outline pendant sloth - 4103820544
Created by jo

What Can't You Do With This Ring?

bottle opener knife Jewelry ring - 7020556544
Via Etsy

Omnomatopoeia Necklace

Jewelry necklace - 4091608832
Created by Unknown

Friendly Lakshmi

ceramic dish Jewelry rings statue - 5238281216

Powerpuff Girls Go!

accessories earrings Jewelry - 5524907776
Created by DarcyVega ( Via )

Muffins & Measures!

chain Jewelry Measuring spoons necklace pendant - 4355109376
Created by Sugar82 ( Via[0]=tags&includes[1]=title&filter[0]=handmade )

Coolest Quidditch Necklace Ever

necklace silver Harry Potter Jewelry quidditch - 6813775360
Via Fashionably Geek


Faces On Stuff food hand made Jewelry - 3178726400
Created by Unknown

Hobbit Door Ring

door Lord of the Rings Jewelry The Hobbit ring hobbit - 6898357504
Via Fashionably Geek

Sweet Bracelet

accessories bracelet cookies donut ice cream cone Jewelry sweets - 4647668224
Created by ejkua ( Via Etsy )

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