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For the Girl Who Has Everything...

bug cork gold Jewelry necklace vial - 4777960448

Bear Brooch, Bringing You Presents

accessory bear brooch face felt felted figurine Jewelry sparkles - 4169363968
Created by Unknown

Hang in There, Little Buddy!

fashion Jewelry earrings Cats - 7355662592
Via KittyAzura

Heart on the Outside

black gold hearts Jewelry necklace - 6476727808
Created by Wen ( Via Etsy )

Emoticon Ring

face Jewelry metal ring silver - 4658168832

Bunch of Bunnies Ring

bunnies Jewelry rabbits rhinestones ring silver - 4865100032
Created by veronica72 ( Via )

Papercut Ring

art Jewelry paper ring - 4541969920

Friendship Sandwich Rings

accessories bananas bread friendship jelly Jewelry peanut butter rings sandwich - 4914830336

Spyglass with Seahorse Necklace

accessories brass chain gift guide Jewelry necklace pendant - 5494611200
Created by DuckKat ( Via )

Lon Lon Milk Necklace

Jewelry necklace pendant video games zelda - 4630364160
Created by Zequila ( Via )

Navi Earrings

accessories best of the week earrings fairy Jewelry legend of zelda navi - 5894912000
Created by kayschles ( Via Elven Star Clayworks )

Wearable Planter Necklace

chain Jewelry necklace pendant plant planter - 4398387968

Muffins & Measures!

chain Jewelry Measuring spoons necklace pendant - 4355109376
Created by Sugar82 ( Via[0]=tags&includes[1]=title&filter[0]=handmade )

Happy Pills Necklace

accessory colorful glitter Jewelry medicine necklace pills sparkles - 4109447424
Created by Kris

Break My Disco Heart

accessories acrylic chain Jewelry necklace pendant - 4462298368
Created by Sugar82 ( Via )

Pearly White Tooth Necklace

chain face Jewelry necklace pendant smile tooth - 4193605376
Created by Unknown

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