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Wear Your Donut on Your Finger

donut icing Jewelry miniature ring sprinkles Teeny - 4041413632
Created by Unknown

Friendly Lakshmi

ceramic dish Jewelry rings statue - 5238281216


Faces On Stuff food Jewelry sushi - 3124355328
Created by Unknown

Cherry Cheesecake and Latte Necklace

cheesecake coffee Jewelry miniature necklace pendant scented - 6156450560
Created by candiware ( Via Etsy )

Longcat Earrings

earrings Jewelry longcat silver - 5032225024
Created by roxo89 ( Via )

Play It Again Ring

Jewelry metal retro ring silver tape - 4994328832
Created by BaskaraRebirth

An Apple a Day

apples earrings Jewelry studs - 6355360000
Via Etsy

Barbie Kiss Necklace

Barbie chain face hand Jewelry KISS necklace pendant - 5496450304

Happy Could Felt Earrings

accessory clouds earrings face felt happy Jewelry smile - 3485430016
Created by Unknown


cute Faces On Stuff food hand made Jewelry - 3116077568
Created by Unknown

Breakfast on the Go

chain eggs Jewelry necklace pan pendant spatula - 4554453760
Created by christellar ( Via )

Colorful Wooden Bird Earrings

birds colorful earrings Jewelry wood - 4172246272
Created by Nea

My Geeky Valentine

chain heart Jewelry necklace pendant silver - 5754570240
Created by Jess ( Via )

Little Third Ear Earrings

best of the week Earring Jewelry weird - 6347683072
Via Geek Alerts

Dalek Cuff Bracelet

bracelet daleks Jewelry doctor who - 6938451200
Via Etsy

Halloween Kitty Necklace

acrylic halloween Jewelry kitty necklace pendant pumpkins - 5340453632
Created by Strange_1 ( Via )

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