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I Ain't Got Time for This Sparkly Sh*t...

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Lasted Longer than I Would Have

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Just read "Twilight" are you F***ing kidding me?

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And it only took four movies

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WTF Sci-Fi Book Covers: The Long Twilight

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A Movie Tie-In that Actually Makes Sense

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I'm an actress. Go home Kristen, you're drunk.

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Make me Emperor and I promise no more Twilight Movies!

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Let's Go for Five

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Jacob keep your shirt on NO

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Bromance FTW

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Best Twilight Shirt, Ever,

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If This Can't Convince Your Girlfriend Not to Watch Twilight, I Don't Know What Will

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There's a difference...?

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George Takei: Advocate for Peace

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Buffy, these vampires are Cullens. You understand? They sparkle in the sunlight. You don't need stakes; you need glitter remover

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