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It's No Contest

edward cullen doctor who twilight g rated - 7158486784
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Buffy Knows Two Things: Vampires and Relationships

men twilight Buffy the Vampire Slayer bella swan - 7876327424
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All of Twilight in a Single Comic

twilight comic - 6813009408
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You Think They Used To?

bella swan edward cullen feel kristen stewart robert pattinson twilight - 5982440960
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Wearing a Shirt

angry shirt taylor lautner twilight werewolf - 5339200768
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Say It

bella swan edward cullen kristen stewart mistake robert pattinson twilight - 5954850304
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I'll stand behind you and stare creepily Multiple times Yeah, that makes good film!

acting bella boring edward cullen film kristen stewart robert pattinson Staring twilight vampire - 6467230464
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Bad Lip Reading bella swan edward cullen robert pattinson twilight Video - 41568257

A Bad Lip Reading of Twilight

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There's a difference...?

gary bell breaking dawn part 2 dead twilight end of the world Alphas Ryan Cartwright - 6718466816
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You Decide: "Twilight" or "Harry Potter"?

around the interwebs Harry Potter poll the fw twilight - 5653626368
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The Twilight books, have come to Hogwarts.

Harry Potter twilight Hogwarts - 7572737280
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You, Young Lady

breaking dawn condoms kristen stewart twilight - 5359165952
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And it only took four movies

breaking dawn expression kristen stewart twilight - 5306546176
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You Promise?

drinks dumbledore edward cullen Michael Gambon robert pattinson twilight - 5464628480
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Fantasy del Grande Gatto

breaking dawn cinema ebil edward cullen fantasy jacob black kristen stewart movies reviews robert pattinson taylor lautner terrible twilight vampires - 5452617472
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Wait, no. It's a stroke.

bella breaking dawn edward emotion stroke twilight - 5290231296
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