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Star Trek

Star Trek and the City

twitter parody Star Trek - 7016893440
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Family Photos: You're Doing it Right

borg cute kids Star Trek - 5465351424
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Odo Is a Diva Just Like Cher and Madonna

odo Star Trek ds9 - 8188187648
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Star Trek - 7195526912
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Stall Them with Logic

illogical Leonard Nimoy naked Spock Star Trek uniform - 5376948992
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Enterprise Calling Captain Klueless!

Captain Kirk Star Trek William Shatner Shatnerday sulu - 6729377536
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Something Wrong, Picard?

gifs Captain Picard Star Trek - 8277822208
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Just trying out apple maps.

brent spiner apple maps the next generation data Star Trek lost - 6623736064
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Not Nice or Logical

Captain Kirk Leonard Nimoy making fun mean Shatnerday Spock Star Trek William Shatner - 5464626176
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There is one question I've always had about this episode. When they finally get Spock's body mobile after his brain has been stolen, why does it make all those ratchety mechanical sounds when walking? Does the absence of the brain suddenly turn all his jo

Captain Kirk Spock Leonard Nimoy walking Star Trek William Shatner body Shatnerday - 6845432064
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A Choke-Hold a Day keeps the Doctor away.

bones Spock Star Trek funny - 7470158848
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I Feel Your Pain

baldness Captain Picard true Star Trek science patrick stewart - 6879867392
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Um, Excuse Me

brent spiner data excuse me KISS Star Trek wtf - 5342015488

Blue Screen of Rage

TNG data Star Trek - 7770566656
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But Everyone Agreed, It Was the Best Episode They'd Ever Seen

bar Guinan Star Trek TNG whoopi goldberg - 5408726528
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Kirk and Spock Encounter a Snuggie

Captain Kirk confusion illogical Leonard Nimoy robe Shatnerday snuggie Spock Star Trek William Shatner - 5977831424
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