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Star Trek

So, You're The Doctor, Eh?

brent spiner cool data hat patrick stewart picard Star Trek the doctor - 5320420096
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It's Over, Whoopi

brent spiner calling Captain Picard data Geordi Laforge patrick stewart phone Star Trek whoopi goldberg - 5793318656
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They'll Conquer All The Fandoms

disney enterprise Star Trek star wars - 7925847808
Created by Unknown

Ugh! You have to hit the button, sir, you can't just say "pew!"

Captain Kirk button phaser Spock pew Zachary Quinto Star Trek chris pine - 6673232128
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Who's a Good Vulcan?

cat pet Vulcan creepy cute Spock Star Trek - 6705760768
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dying redshirts Star Trek - 5312504832
Created by Cranky_Old_Man
benedict cumberbatch into darkness Star Trek funny Video - 50134785

Check Out This Exclusive Clip of Benedict Cumberbatch in Into Darkness

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Odo Nom Noms

odo Rene Auberjonois Star Trek ds9 - 7732707328
Created by Unknown

Don't Question the Roddenberry

radio Captain Kirk gene roddenberry Star Trek William Shatner Shatnerday communicator - 6658430208
See all captions Created by TuckerBentley

So Much for Exploring Strange New Worlds

avery brooks captain captain sisko Star Trek unimpressed - 6110018304
See all captions Created by cratchmaster

Forever a Droid

brent spiner bridge data droid enterprise forever alone Star Trek - 5468375808
Created by OryuKitty

Warp Five, Now!

Captain Kirk Nichelle Nichols Shatnerday Star Trek uhura - 5368027392
See all captions Created by greyhawk

Sister Act 2369

choir Guinan Star Trek - 5338505216
See all captions Created by sircosmicwolf2010

When You Come Across Something Online That's Too Much to Handle

gifs reactions data Star Trek funny - 7704255232
Created by Unknown

Oh come on, is that the best that you got?

Captain Picard Star Trek funny - 7438020096
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How's my Hair Look?

captain pike Star Trek burn - 6857207808
See all captions Created by JOE-STYLE