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Star Trek

Fifty Shades of Earl Gray

robe earl grey Captain Picard fifty shades of grey the next generation book Star Trek patrick stewart - 6697256448
See all captions Created by Matty

Free Verse Doesn't Even Need Rhyme Scheme

Star Trek poetry - 7846233600
Created by Unknown
love Neil deGrasse Tyson spaceships Star Trek Video - 39875073

Neil deGrasse Tyson Explains Why He Loves the Enterprise

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Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

voyager Star Trek - 7877861888
Created by Unknown

I'm a Doctor Not a Waiter

bones Captain Kirk DeForest Kelley fly its-dead McCoy Shatnerday soup Star Trek William Shatner - 5682364160
See all captions Created by timerider

He has references from a family named Addams

Captain Kirk pun Star Trek the addams family William Shatner Shatnerday - 6765527040
See all captions Created by cataff

Lots of Lloyds

art back to the future challenge christopher lloyd klingon poster Star Trek - 5849722368
Via Sam Carter Art

Star Trek scars

McCoy TOS Spock Star Trek james t kirk graph scars - 7776888064
Created by Hufflepot ( Via Enterprising-Bones )

Kirk Will Boldly Go Anywhere

female Shatnerday Star Trek William Shatner - 5374866432
Created by logicalvulcan

Spock Stepped on Kirk's Tail

gif Spock kirk Star Trek - 7755006464
Created by Unknown

Quick thinking, Captain

patrick stewart Captain Picard data brent spiner Star Trek the next generation - 6599865088
See all captions Created by cataff

Stripe Visors

boba fett cyclops Fan Art Geordi Laforge power rangers robocop Star Trek star wars x men - 6234441216
Via Ben6835

Join Starfleet, they said

avery brooks bad luck boldly go where no one ha captain sisko join Star Trek starfleet They Said - 6182051584
Created by reichmarshall

Captain, I finally understand why you humans enjoy intoxi..ff inebreee.. being drunk.

brent spiner Captain Picard data drunk patrick stewart Star Trek the next generation - 6501094656
See all captions Created by Ihave2Dogz

I think you're overacting... er, overreacting

Captain Kirk tombstone typo Gary Mitchell Star Trek William Shatner Shatnerday - 6736299520
See all captions Created by TuckerBentley

SWEET SANITY! That's the last time I'm eating at the Restauraunt at the End of the Universe!

Captain Kirk choking Douglas Adams eating ford prefect restaurant Shatnerday sick Star Trek William Shatner - 6100955136
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