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Your Argument is Wibbly Wobbly

best of the week crime Sherlock sherlock bbc stuff timey-wimey wibbly wobbly timey wimey - 6049021440
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High-Functioning phycopath

benedict cumberbatch calm sherlock bbc sherlock holmes - 6564377344
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Shh, Moffat doesn't have to know about this!

afraid awesome bennedict cumberbatch Matt Smith Sherlock sherlock bbc the doctor universe - 6261424384
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Otters who Look Like Benedict Cumberbatch

benedict cumberbatch best of the week faces looks like Sherlock sherlock bbc - 5999466752
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bbc bennedict cumberbatch ladies sherlock bbc sherlock holmes Watson - 5668688640
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Who Would They Play?

audition bennedict cumberbatch downton abbey Martin Freeman Sherlock sherlock bbc Watson - 5891124480
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Why can't people die according to my schedule?

annoying bennedict cumberbatch die Sherlock sherlock bbc - 6538469120
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It's Good to Be John Watson

benedict cumberbatch john watson Martin Freeman sherlock bbc sherlock holmes - 6424061952
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Sherlock (BBC) - Socially Awkward Sherlock

bennedict cumberbatch flirting irene adler nervous Sherlock sherlock bbc socially awkward - 6281092096
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Adventures in Fanart, Pt. 1

bennedict cumberbatch body disturbed Fan Art john watson Martin Freeman proportions Sherlock sherlock bbc - 6228541696
Created by Kcolrehs

Sherlock (BBC) - Good Cover

benedict cumberbatch cover face mystery Sherlock sherlock bbc thinking - 6207073280
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Took a Picture. It'll Last Longer

benedict cumberbatch directions picture point Sherlock sherlock bbc - 6137311744
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Sherlock (BBC) - Perfect Height Difference

benedict cumberbatch gay john watson Martin Freeman Sherlock sherlock bbc shipping slash fiction - 6372826624
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The Many Faces of Benedict Cumberbatch

bennedict cumberbatch best of the week faces ginger hair Sherlock sherlock bbc - 5911441152
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Forever A-Holmes

bennedict cumberbatch forever alone friends Sherlock sherlock bbc - 5622612224
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bennedict cumberbatch lego Sherlock sherlock bbc stephen moffat Stop-Motion Animation Video - 40584961

The Finale of Sherlock's Second Season in Lego

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