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I Think I Need a Doctor

bennedict cumberbatch billie piper christopher eccleston doctor who Martin Freeman rose sherlock bbc sherlock holmes the doctor Watson - 5356506880
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A Collection of Cumbersmaugs

bennedict cumberbatch best of the week Bilbo Baggins dragon Fan Art Martin Freeman mashup Sherlock sherlock bbc smaug The Hobbit Watson - 6095627776
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A Dark Look Into the Mind of Sherlock

bennedict cumberbatch hobbit Martin Freeman Sherlock sherlock bbc tea Watson - 5883860224
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bbc bennedict cumberbatch Martin Freeman season two Sherlock sherlock bbc show trailers - 31246081

Trailers: Sherlock Season Two

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Sherlock, Doctor Who - More Casting News

amy pond bennedict cumberbatch doctor who Sherlock sherlock bbc Star Trek Steven Moffat - 5654793216
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Sherlock (BBC) - Perfect Height Difference

benedict cumberbatch gay john watson Martin Freeman Sherlock sherlock bbc shipping slash fiction - 6372826624
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Tell Me More

bennedict cumberbatch doctor who Matt Smith Sherlock sherlock bbc tardis the doctor - 5966446848
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More Games Ruined by Sherlock

bennedict cumberbatch game ruined Sherlock sherlock bbc wheres waldo - 5858138624
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Maybe That's How he's Still Alive

bennedict cumberbatch Martin Freeman portal gun Sherlock sherlock bbc Watson - 5896527360
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Forever A-Holmes

bennedict cumberbatch forever alone friends Sherlock sherlock bbc - 5622612224
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First Images of Steven Moffat's Irene Adler

bbc irene adler sherlock bbc sherlock holmes - 5531771136
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bennedict cumberbatch cartoons Martin Freeman mycroft saturday morning Sherlock sherlock bbc stephen moffat Video Watson - 35366913

Sherlock as a Saturday Morning Cartoon

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Well, Yes He Is

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Psychic Paper

bbc FAIL Martin Freeman sherlock bbc Watson - 5684610816
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Sherlock Hates Hugs

attack benedict cumberbatch hug Martin Freeman Sherlock sherlock bbc Watson - 6032100864
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