Set Phasers to LOL

sherlock bbc

There They Are!

bennedict cumberbatch episodes season Sherlock sherlock bbc three - 5834939136
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Moffat Mixed Up his Scripts Again

bennedict cumberbatch companion Martin Freeman police box sherlock bbc sherlock holmes tardis the doctor Watson - 5373054976
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Playing With Sherlock Isn't as Fun as I Thought

bennedict cumberbatch clue game guess Sherlock sherlock bbc - 5842912768
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Psychic Paper?

bennedict cumberbatch Martin Freeman paper psychic Sherlock sherlock bbc Watson - 5785231872
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The Many Faces of Benedict Cumberbatch

bennedict cumberbatch best of the week faces ginger hair Sherlock sherlock bbc - 5911441152
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Courtesy of Moppat ... I mean, Moffat.

bennedict cumberbatch best of the week clever doctor who hair master Matt Smith Sherlock sherlock bbc Steven Moffat the doctor - 5969006848
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Other Worlds Compete in the Hunger Games

amy pond arthur best of the week doctor who Frodo Baggins harry Harry Potter hermione granger Lord of the Rings merlin Ron Weasley rory williams sam gamgee Sherlock sherlock bbc the doctor - 6061769216
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Yes, The sheet got boring.

benedict cumberbatch boring cover hot newspaper Sherlock sherlock bbc - 6214999296
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Can't Blame Him

bennedict cumberbatch Martin Freeman names sherlock bbc sherlock holmes simple Watson - 5697403136
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Sherlock (BBC) - Watson's Pickup Lines

john watson Martin Freeman pickup lines sherlock bbc - 6335688704
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After much sitting and pondering, Sherlock deduced a universal theory to explain everything .

benedict cumberbatch idiots sherlock bbc sherlock holmes sitting - 6556380160
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This Picture Of Benedict Cumberbatch Provided Without Caption.

benedict cumberbatch newspaper sherlock bbc - 5304702208
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Took a Picture. It'll Last Longer

benedict cumberbatch directions picture point Sherlock sherlock bbc - 6137311744
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I'd Tust Him More if He Didn't Have a Red Shirt and a Fake Fur collar

Martin Freeman sherlock bbc sherlock holmes - 5392966400
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Sherlock (BBC) - Socially Awkward Sherlock

bennedict cumberbatch flirting irene adler nervous Sherlock sherlock bbc socially awkward - 6281092096
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Sherlock Valentines

bennedict cumberbatch cards Martin Freeman Sherlock sherlock bbc sherlock holmes Valentines day Watson - 5742914816
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