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Puns are basically half-jokes that died somewhere along the way on their journey towards being funny, and that makes some people laugh.

This Was a Kids' Show?

puns prince - 8255460864
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Bran Spanking New

Game of Thrones puns - 7537507584
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Michael Should Button His Lips

the office work puns Michael Scott - 8277858304
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Party Time! Excellent!

darth vader batman bruce wayne puns star wars - 8159887104
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So, Who's Comic Sans?

arthur darvill doctor who puns rory - 5327364608
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Thor's Many Jobs

chris hemsworth jobs name puns superheroes Thor - 6332009728
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The Breakfast Club Burger

puns bobs burgers funny - 8121974272
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Alpaca My Bags...

Modern Family puns - 8233095168
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Baking Bad

breaking bad baking puns - 8228544000
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Norse Puns are Immortal

loki Thor puns - 7400990976
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I Think I'll Quit

bad jokes head puns quit the-brain-that-wouldnt-die - 5545930240
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That Was Too Far, Bro...

Game of Thrones puns funny - 8026006016
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Star Wars - The Menu at Mos Eisley

alcohol bar captain morgan puns qui-gon jinn Rum star wars - 6253688576
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Give Me a Hand

billie piper christopher eccleston doctor who hand puns rose tyler the doctor - 5444849664
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Ok you have a glass of water but then you have to go back to dead

dead parenting puns The Walking Dead water zombie - 6179959040
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fun futurama puns Zoidberg - 5305679104
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