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Puns are basically half-jokes that died somewhere along the way on their journey towards being funny, and that makes some people laugh.

Somebody Get Her a Laydel!

puns bobs-burgers - 8218238464
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I'll Never Have Enough Mascara!

SpongeBob SquarePants puns funny - 8131538176
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Now This, I Would Play

call of duty Game of Thrones Jason Momoa Khal Drogo puns video games - 5472316928
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I Need Beanbag for My Corn Hole!

beavis and butthead puns - 8229602816
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Dammit America!

King of the hill puns - 8227007232
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Knitting Just Got Street Cred

gangster puns bobs burgers - 8161304832
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Rick Knows Jokes

Rick Grimes puns The Walking Dead - 7869812480
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puns doctor who funny - 8180488960
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Building a Cabin

jean-luc picard puns Star Trek TNG - 7994252032
Created by Unknown

They Can Get Really Dirty

gifs King of the hill puns - 8114925312
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He Really Knows How to Charm Those Middle-Aged Moms

puns bobs burgers - 8242828032
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Cassandra was hard pressed to find anything nice to say about Rose.

cassandra doctor who flat nice puns rose the last human - 6265473792
See all captions Created by Sandy_Sunball

And My Pancakes Are On The Dark Side

bacon chewbacca Chewie cooking kitchen puns star wars - 5352699904
See all captions Created by scoobysoo

Good One...Mom

bad jokes puns parks and recreation - 8116629504
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Those Mighty Morphin Night Watch Rangers!

power rangers Game of Thrones puns - 8026474752
Created by Unknown

Doctor, I'm cold!!! Where are we???

amy pond cold cool csi miami doctor who karen gillan Matt Smith puns the doctor - 6256346112
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