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Puns are basically half-jokes that died somewhere along the way on their journey towards being funny, and that makes some people laugh.

Doctor Who Framed Roger Rabbit

David Tennant doctor who puns the doctor - 5648886272
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They Can Get Really Dirty

gifs King of the hill puns - 8114925312
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Tiffany Doesn't Use the's Brighter Than Her

puns daria stupid - 8126105344
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Knitting Just Got Street Cred

gangster puns bobs burgers - 8161304832
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Those Mighty Morphin Night Watch Rangers!

power rangers Game of Thrones puns - 8026474752

Bran Spanking New

Game of Thrones puns - 7537507584
Created by Junggg

Star Wars - Buddha Fett

boba fett puns star wars - 5464664320

You're a Card, Picard

jean-luc picard Jonathan Frakes Michael Dorn patrick stewart puns Star Trek william riker Worf - 5419909632
See all captions Created by Shadow_117

Alcohol Wars

alcohol star wars booze puns after 12 - 8009979392

This Version's More Fun

puns - 7061892352
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This Was a Kids' Show?

puns prince - 8255460864
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doctor who performance puns the silence - 6327270144
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Tie Fighter Fuel Is Hard To Find

mashup star wars puns The Walking Dead - 7979242240

Durr Hurr Dwarf Joke

dwarves bad jokes puns gandalf The Hobbit short - 6997512192
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art Indiana Jones metal gear solid puns voldemort - 6100350208
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Not what John meant, when he said Susan's reports weren't clear enough.

Babylon 5 claudia christian puns bruce boxleitner susan ivanova John Sheridan - 7062707200
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