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Puns are basically half-jokes that died somewhere along the way on their journey towards being funny, and that makes some people laugh.

I Pity the Fool Who Drinks Coffee

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Farscape Product Placement

puns - 8013897472
By Unknown

Now This, I Would Play

call of duty Game of Thrones Jason Momoa Khal Drogo puns video games - 5472316928
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You Slay Me, Shaggy

scooby doo puns shaggy - 8123296512
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Duh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh Fat Man!

Peter Griffin puns batman funny - 8244173568
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Let's Go on a Harrison Ford Expedition Through His Movies

star wars Indiana Jones movies puns cars Harrison Ford - 8026355968
By Unknown

You're a Card, Picard

jean-luc picard Jonathan Frakes Michael Dorn patrick stewart puns Star Trek william riker Worf - 5419909632
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This Version's More Fun

puns - 7061892352
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It's Beginning

TNG puns jean-luc picard Star Trek - 7916599040
By Unknown

But They Had a bad Motivator

r2d2 C3PO star wars puns - 7924215808
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Just Donut

puns homer simpson - 8114931968
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Tiffany Doesn't Use the's Brighter Than Her

puns daria stupid - 8126105344
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May the Oods be Ever in Your Favor

best of the week effie trinket hunger games jennifer lawrence katniss everdeen ood puns - 6014743552
By Unknown

My Hammer Will Go On and On

chris hemsworth hammer leonardo dicaprio mjolnir puns Thor titanic - 6411399680
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Doctor Who MD?

christopher eccleston David Tennant doctor who hospital Matt Smith puns the doctor tom baker - 6445038848
By Thespinerd

These Are The Voyages Of The USS 'Home_PC'

puns Star Trek - 7852596224
By Unknown