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Lord of the Rings on Facebook

aragorn characters comic facebook frodo funny gandalf Lord of The Ring Lord of the Rings Sméagol the one ring treebeard walk - 6276773376
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I really wish I could intersect with you instead

doctor who funny River Song - 7456646400
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Dorothy Don't Care

golden girls funny - 8186713600
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liz lemon 30 rock funny - 8058353152
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Too Far, Robin...Too Far

burn batman funny - 8196289280
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Captain Rogers

mr rogers captain america funny - 8218262272
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Don't Be Ridiculous!

bobby hill dogs King of the hill funny - 8080968448
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Finally a Way to Make That Show Funny

funny - 8224627200
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Dark Side Problems

star wars force choke funny darth vader - 7453840384
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Doctor Love

analogy funny - 8201007616
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The First Time They Looked at This Wall...

csi miami Memes family funny - 8139769344
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Doctor Huxtable Always Gave Sound Advice

the cosby show advice funny - 8040722688
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Just Saying

cast dave lister funny girl kristine kochanski kryten red dwarf show the cat - 5537186560
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I'll Never Have Enough Mascara!

SpongeBob SquarePants puns funny - 8131538176
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Yeah, We Got a Real Genius Over Here

funny stupid - 8246189824
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Even His Chest Hair is a Mustache

Fan Art funny ron swanson parks and recreation - 8228569088
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