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Words of Doom

acting friends funny stupid - 8154133248
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beer Game of Thrones funny Video after 12 - 50586625


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Wake Up, Admiral!

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Sup, Gurl?

David Duchovny funny the x-files - 8053666048
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Might as Well

funny pee pool will and grace - 8177682944
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Jake Really Understands Dating

funny adventure time - 8086784512
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It's Time to Slow Jam Saturday Morning With This Jazzy Version of the "Duck Tales" Theme Song

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Uncle Phil Ate it

fresh prince funny rich - 8151001856
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Theme Song funny Video - 61476097

Because Reading is Power...Too Much Power

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Good Guy Sauron

art best of the week funny Lord of the Rings sauron - 5617758208

When You're Trying to Impress Your Date at TGI Friday's

date wine loser funny - 8268877568
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Kelly KAPOW-ski

funny saved by the bell - 8143859200
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Having a Roommate can be Complicated

friends Joey funny - 8026539776
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The Best Jokes!

humor the office jokes funny - 8069317120
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So tell me about this... Nicki Minaj, Queen of your people

Star Trek funny - 7444081664
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I Don't Think You're Getting the Point...

homer simpson criticism funny stupid - 8121981952
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