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Whatever's in Your Ear is More Important Than You!

married with children family funny - 8083933440
By Unknown

Duh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh Fat Man!

Peter Griffin puns batman funny - 8244173568
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Captain, we need to make a quick detour.

Star Trek funny - 7462479360
By J-memeo

Dark Side Problems

star wars force choke funny darth vader - 7453840384
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Geek Dad vs. Non-Geek Dad

Chart nerdgasm funny g rated parenting - 7568547584
By Unknown

Steamed Broccoli is so Sick!

cartoons funny - 8173263872
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All the toys you don't need, at prices you can't afford

actor funny loki tom hiddleston - 6598893568
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I Just Have One Glass a Day

drinking wine TV funny - 8248908288
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big bang theory joker funny TV - 8168774656
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A Man's Natural Badge of Honor

mustache My Name is Earl funny - 8265394944
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Damnit Bones!

bones Star Trek funny - 7460075264
By ebryarly

Wise Words of a Wise Man From Complete Idiot

funny Michael Scott quotes - 8167125504
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He Sas-Squashed That Joke

how i met your mother jokes funny puns - 8184186112
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countdown TV seinfeld funny - 58687233

Top 10 Seinfeld Episodes

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Think About it... Travels the world in one night, dresses funny, uses an outdated object to travel in... Santa Claus is a Time Lord.

Time lord the doctor Matt Smith doctor who santa claus funny - 6913267456
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In Relationships, You Should Know Your Limits

funny the simpsons relationships - 8183643136
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