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Now Who's the Sucker?

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It's Where You Learn Science or Whatever

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Straight to the Point

cops funny police - 8280075520
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Jerry Seinfeld Reflects

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Setting the Bar Low

that 70s show funny dating - 8036205824
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Hunger Games Comics

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Seems Reasonable

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the look you get when moffats writing your script

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Not the Answer You Were Looking For?

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Who Knew This Majestic Statue of Ron Swanson Existed in Philly?

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At Least it Gives You a Chance to Run

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Yeah...He's a Regular Jamees Dean

cool milhouse the simpsons funny - 8152033536
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No, Stupid! She Means Like the Flintstones...Duh!

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The Different Types of Dark Knights

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The Best Way to Ask Someone Out

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Riker Star Trek funny Video - 50141185

Jeez Riker, Learn to Sit

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