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The Magic Comma

best of the week blade Dune elijah wood Frodo Baggins Lord of the Rings sting - 5752285440
Via filmdrunk

Wizard Quest

Alan Rickman best of the week Harry Potter Severus Snape - 5576359424
See all captions Created by Ryan Walsh

Torch Wood?

2012 London Olympics best of the week cool doctor who Matt Smith the doctor torch - 6291683584
Created by The Captain

Game of Thrones - The Best Outcome

best of the week Game of Thrones jack gleeson joffrey baratheon - 6261707264
Via Pleated Jeans
best of the week cover doctor who guitar metal Music song the doctor Video - 37370625

Doctor Who Goes Metal

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Not Now, Sherlock

bennedict cumberbatch best of the week Bilbo Baggins Martin Freeman smaug The Hobbit - 6040640768
Created by Unknown
best of the week legend of zelda link navi ocarina of time Video zelda - 36911361

S**t Navi Says

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I Can Has Cheezburger?: Christopurr LOLan's Catman Trilogy

bane batman best of the week Cats catwoman harvey dent movie posters movies the dark knight the dark knight rises the joker - 6431182336
Created by Unknown

Baby Chewie

baby best of the week bottle chewbacca cute Fan Art star wars wookie - 6126029824
Via Salvador Ramirez Madriz

Young Doctors

best of the week christopher eccleston David Tennant Matt Smith the doctor young - 6437498624
Created by Unknown

The Direwolves are Getting Fat

best of the week christmas Game of Thrones Winter Is Coming - 5563836160
Via epicponyz

Be Sensible

best of the week doctor who jelly babies the doctor tom baker - 5992555008
See all captions Created by Axaul_Conners

More Sci-Fi Gingerbread Creations

best of the week doctor who k-9 tardis - 5555444736
Created by Unknown

Hedgehogs that Look Like Martin Freeman

best of the week expressions Martin Freeman sherlock bbc totally looks like Watson - 6008716032
Created by Unknown

Oh bloody hell

best of the week doctor who fangirls Matt Smith run the doctor - 6242796544
See all captions Created by LossOfGame

Otters who Look Like Benedict Cumberbatch

benedict cumberbatch best of the week faces looks like Sherlock sherlock bbc - 5999466752
Via Red Scharlach
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