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May the Oods be Ever in Your Favor

best of the week effie trinket hunger games jennifer lawrence katniss everdeen ood puns - 6014743552
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Issue Three Cover of the Doctor Who/Star Trek Crossover

best of the week Captain Kirk comics cover art crossover cybermen doctor who Spock Star Trek the doctor tom baker - 6132586496
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alex kingston best of the week David Tennant john barrowman kids - 30031361

Cast Members of Doctor Who Read Bedtime Stories

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Monty Python is Making a Sci-Fi Comedy

best of the week comedy Movie news News and Reviews sci fi - 5751239168
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Well Played, Google Maps

best of the week Boromir Lord of the Rings mordor one does not simply walk The Shire - 5567578368
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How the Daleks Saved Christmas

best of the week christmas comic daleks doctor who elves santa - 5559761408
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Parenthood Rule Number One

alderaan best of the week darth vader planet Princess Leia star wars - 5868548608
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Hold Me Closer

a song of ice and fire best of the week Game of Thrones peter dinklage tyrion lannister - 5915975424
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Awesome Sci-Fi and Fantasy Book Covers

best of the week book covers books Hogwarts mount doom narnia - 5950638080
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The Avengers are Dark Fantasy Characters

avengers best of the week Fan Art fantasy hulk iron man loki superheroes - 6400057600
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Minimalist Miyazaki Posters

anime best of the week Hayao Miyazaki minimalism movie posters movies studio ghibli - 6230668544
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best of the week Black Widow chris evans chris hemsworth Firefly hulk intro Jeremy renner Joss Whedon mark ruffalo Nick Fury Samuel L Jackson scarlett johansson serenity song Video - 39072001

The Avengers: Firefly Style

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Anything Else You Need?

beam best of the week Captain Kirk Leonard Nimoy mordor Shatnerday Spock the one ring William Shatner - 6021609216
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Good Parenting

best of the week hate jar jar binks old star wars watch - 5903319296
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Oh bloody hell

best of the week doctor who fangirls Matt Smith run the doctor - 6242796544
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Mother, You Don't Understand

best of the week Boromir dinner game Lord of the Rings mother one does not simply sean bean - 5693096960
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