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Twilight, Harry Potter - Hermione Vs. Bella

bella swan best of the week better comparison Harry Potter hermione granger twilight vs - 6345440000
Via Amy Leigh Strickland
best of the week legend of zelda link navi ocarina of time Video zelda - 36911361

S**t Navi Says

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Star Wars - Problem Solved

best of the week boba fett bounty hunter looney tunes problem solved star wars - 6300396288
Via Jackovlev Design Art
Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter best of the week Movie movies trailers vampires Video - 33848577

Trailer: Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

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WTF Sci-Fi Book Covers: The Right to Arm Bears

arms awesome best of the week book covers books cover art science fiction wtf - 6260388864
By Unknown

Ackbar's Snackbar

admiral ackbar best of the week cartoons comic its a trap star wars - 5806215424
Via flylikeabowtie

Happy Holidays

best of the week Han Solo hanukkah star wars - 5516298752
By Unknown

Game of Thrones Beer

beer best of the week Game of Thrones starks Westeros winterfell wordplay - 6183744768
Via Red Bubble

Star Trek Graffiti

beam me up best of the week poop scotty Star Trek - 6079726336
Via Kaisyl

Walking Dead Memes: Lori is the Worst

best of the week carl lori grimes Rick Grimes The Walking Dead worst zombie apocalypse zombie - 6009773568
Via io9

Firefly and Aliens Share the Same Universe

Aliens best of the week crossover Firefly Joss Whedon logo serenity weyland-yutani - 6238005504
By Unknown

Game of Thrones - Bad Luck Bran

best of the week bran stark Father Game of Thrones Isaac Hempstead Wright meme war - 6324876288
Via Abbily

The Catvengers

avengers best of the week Cats movies multipanel superheroes The Avengers - 6160972544
By Unknown

Westeros is in Good Hands

best of the week doctor who iron throne Matt Smith the doctor Westeros - 5902858752
See all captions By Amphyrion
anything you can do bennedict cumberbatch best of the week doctor who Matt Smith musical Sherlock sherlock bbc song Video - 34893057

Sherlock Vs. The Doctor: The Musical

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Vader made it look easy

best of the week disturbing Jared Padalecki Jedi sam winchester the force - 6187537664
See all captions By drpraetorius