Set Phasers to LOL


Jane? Honey? There's a guy over there dressed as a giant... ...otter?...

batman bruce wayne christian bale confusion the dark knight weird - 6576281600
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Still not Johnny Depp enough.

batman directing Johnny Depp selena kyle tim burton - 6428495104
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Sometimes Even Batman Needs Help

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Batman Vs. Ironman

batman best of the week bruce wayne fight iron man money rich throwing tony stark - 6287333376
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Some Men...

batman brad pitt heath ledger the dark knight the joker - 6309220352
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animated batman bruce wayne clip the dark knight returns Video - 41296641

First Clip from "The Dark Knight Returns"

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batman Music score soundtrack the dark knight rises Video - 38934529

The Dark Knight Rises Soundtrack Preview

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alfred hitchcock batman heath ledger the dark knight the joker Video - 38543873

Alfred Hitchcock's The Dark Knight

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Jazz Age Justice League

jazz retro wonder woman Fan Art justice league batman Green lantern the flash superman - 6815419904
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Super Manes

batman gifs superheroes - 6298100736
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Why so serious, Charlie Brown?

peanuts charlie brown batman crossover - 6470702080
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Victorian Photos of Sci-Fi Characters

batman Captain Kirk darth vader Princess Leia Spock Star Trek star wars wolverine - 5741934592
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harvey dent the joker tom hardy catwoman high school batman selina kyle christian bale bruce wayne heath ledger gotham city - 44883201

Gotham High

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Did you eat it?

batman bruce wayne christian bale eating heath ledger the joker - 6505113344
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I SAID This is my stop. MOVE.

star wars Subway batman stop darth vader - 6850193920
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I've Got the Same Combination on my Luggage!

anne hathaway batman catwoman idiot safe selina kyle the dark knight rises - 6454184704
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