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They all know that feel....

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Trailer: The Dark Knight Returns

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Aw, snap! Someone's about to get served!

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Just the Joker

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Did you eat it?

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Everyone's Moving to Westeros

Clark Kent Spider-Man star wars Game of Thrones fullmetal alchemist The Avengers The Hobbit captain america batman hulk houses superman - 6891327232
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Honest Trailer: The Dark Knight

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Batman And Robin at the Neighborhood Playground

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That Hit Batman Right in the Feels

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If Joseph Gordon-Levitt is Batman in the Justice League Movie

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Adam West batman burt ward lego - 30977025

1960s Batman Intro in Lego

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They told me I could do anything So I put on a costume and run around a city while chasing a clown

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The dark side

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I find your lack of faith disturbing.

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I'd like a large Combination pizza.

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Gotham Newspaper Headlines

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