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The Gotham Evening Post

robin the joker catwoman batman Harley Quinn poison ivy - 6866525952
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batman harvey dent tommy lee jones two face - 6484615424
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Cloak World?

date star wars meeting coffee batman darth vader - 6829304576
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Batman and Robin in the Style of "Up"

up robin Fan Art pixar batman - 7042317824
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the dark knight rises bane tom hardy batman missed bus - 6909506304
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To the Bat-Rave

batman bruce wayne christian bale dancing Party rave the dark knight rises - 6472601600
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anne hathaway bane batman British conan obrien selena kyle tom hardy Video - 31813889

Nobody Understands Bane

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Hero Time

Adam West batman burt ward robin success - 5398317568
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Bane's Tan Line

bane batman funny mask the dark knight rises tom hardy weird wtf - 6320739584
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Trade secrets

batman darth vader meeting secrets star wars - 6544173568
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the dark knight rises Awkward bane batman - 45913089

The Talia al Ghul Reveal Could Have Been Way More Awkward

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Who does he think he is?

bane batman bruce wayne christian bale tom hardy what are you talking abou - 6274550784
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kids cute cancer batman christian bale crying - 46978049

Christian Bale Called an 8-Year-Old Cancer Patient to Talk About Batman

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Sorry, Commissioner, the Batmobile broke down again. Holy Triple A, Batman!

batman robin Adam West burt ward commissioner gordon batmobile - 6600021504
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batman christmas video games - 31034881

Christmas in Arkham City

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That awkward moment when

batman darth vader name polite star wars Subway - 6542843392
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