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The Different Types of Dark Knights

batman funny gifs Movie pun the dark knight - 6307464448
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batman - 47213057


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That awkward moment when

batman darth vader name polite star wars Subway - 6542843392
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The Science Behind Superheroes

Spider-Man superheroes batman science infographic superman flash - 6723542272
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Hey baby, wanna make out?

Adam West batman pickup line - 6462616832
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animation batman cartoons catwoman fight Video - 39812353

Batman Fights Catwoman in 1930s Shanghai

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Batman's Greatest Battle

batman batman the animated series Battle eating gifs - 5834938880
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batman christian bale heath ledger the dark knight the joker Video - 39903233

Honest Trailer: The Dark Knight

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animated batman bruce wayne Movie the dark knight returns Video - 40290049

Trailer: The Dark Knight Returns

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I Would Be Happy If My Father Was Alive

batman darth vader dead Father star wars - 6552864000
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Meanwhile at the Gotham City Laundromat

laundry the joker Fan Art batman clothes newspaper - 6851151360
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I thought a little humor might break the tension

bane batman song tom hardy - 6507859968
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The Dark Knight Rises CIA memo

bane batman doctor the dark knight rises - 5536569344
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Party Time! Excellent!

darth vader batman bruce wayne puns star wars - 8159887104
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Had to be Said

alfred batman bruce wayne michael caine the dark knight rises tired of it - 6459480832
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Minimalist Heroes

batman half life heroes mega man minimalism optimus prime poster Skyrim sonic the hedgehog the elder scrolls transformers video games - 5747578368
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