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Batman - Gotham Alphabet

alphabet batman challenge characters guess the dark knight - 6382279936
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alfred hitchcock batman heath ledger the dark knight the joker Video - 38543873

Alfred Hitchcock's The Dark Knight

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The next time you try to sit in the handicapped seat, I'm going to short circuit your wiring.

batman bus darth vader hero star wars - 6551282944
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What Are They Saying? Surprise!

batman silly surprise the dark knight the dark knight rises - 6400131072
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Who does he think he is?

bane batman bruce wayne christian bale tom hardy what are you talking abou - 6274550784
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Excuse Me

batman catwoman lady - 5400337408
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Bane's Tan Line

bane batman funny mask the dark knight rises tom hardy weird wtf - 6320739584
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2001 A Space Oddysey Harry Potter star wars movies batman - 48488193

Batman Invades Other Movies

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Now They've Gone Too Far

disney star wars friends honey boo-boo Subway batman darth vader - 6747384832
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Batman's Bein' Mean Again

bane batman lol lolspeak tom hardy - 5604880128
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Trade secrets

batman darth vader meeting secrets star wars - 6544173568
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anne hathaway bane batman behind the scenes bruce wayne christian bale christopher nolan featurette Gary Oldman Joseph Gordon-Levitt michael caine the dark knight rises tom hardy Video - 39585025

13-Minute Featurette for The Dark Knight Rises

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Batman and Robin in the Style of "Up"

up robin Fan Art pixar batman - 7042317824
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Everyone's Moving to Westeros

Clark Kent Spider-Man star wars Game of Thrones fullmetal alchemist The Avengers The Hobbit captain america batman hulk houses superman - 6891327232
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bane batman selena kyle sweded the dark knight rises trailers - 31224833

The Dark Knight Rises Trailer Sweded

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Take it Down a Notch, Bruce...

batman gifs justice league superman wonder woman - 8198281728
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