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Collection: German Weapon Memes

funny historic lols meme nazis Photo war weapon - 5277904384
By Unknown

The Most Interesting Monster In Honalee

art color funny historic lols illustration kid meme monster - 4978366464
See all captions By morrisjvan
funny historic lols meme Video - 33582593

Sh*t Founding Fathers Say

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English, Mutha F**ka...DO YOU SPEAK IT?!!

art funny joseph decreux meme painting portrait - 4269859328
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Bro, You Should Probably Be Mad

art funny meme painting - 4447842304
By Unknown

Dash It All, Leeroy! Dash It All...

funny meme soldiers war - 4416094976
By Unknown

Tesla's Aphorism

funny meme Nikola Tesla Photo photograph - 4472164864
By Unknown

Let's see them blow those blasted vuvuzelas now.

Battle funny meme soldier war weapon - 3706110976
See all captions By grandamjim

Vintage Rage

funny meme - 4872115968
Via epic4chan.tumblr.com

Somebody Turned Around And Expressed Loudly

art color funny historic lols joseph decreux meme painting portrait - 5253496064
See all captions By Aristocrat

We Share The Horrors Of War

art funny meme painting portrait - 4460312320
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art funny meme painting - 4478984448
See all captions By Unknown

Hitcheth Up Thy Pantaloons...

art color funny historic lols meme painting portrait - 5299465216
See all captions By gregnabors

She'll Love You For It!

art funny meme painting - 4374668800
See all captions By laliemommy

I Saw What You Did There

funny meme Photo - 5560132352
See all captions By Taronyu-20


art color funny joseph decreux meme shoop SOON - 5270297600
Via www.reddit.com
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