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Have a Good Drink- er, Day Kids!

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and if you can do a striptease, it'll be $30 more

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By helen200


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Bavarian sausage smugglers preparing to swim the Rhine

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All About Makin' That Fast Money, Baby!

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See all captions By cratchmaster

LOL Next Stop, Hogwarts!

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Colorized History

color historic lols history Photo - 5685709056
Via thelocalpaedo.tumblr.com

I Had A Pretty Normal Childhood For Sure

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See all captions By WilliamKeckler

Play Thank Funky Music

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By xyzpdq1

Careful With That Eye

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See all captions By scott8919

Oxbird University will not tolerate fraud

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See all captions By TuckerBentley

I Live My Life on HARD Mode

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See all captions By Unknown

I'll Fight To Free All The Slave Leias

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See all captions By Falacious

21 Nun Salute

funny Photo religion weapons - 4632311296
See all captions By S-542

Why did someone sell Justin Bieber that time machine???

funny justin bieber ladies Photo photograph pop culture - 4104993280
See all captions By morgan1
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