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Pluck Away at Some Zombie Tunes

Music zombie The Walking Dead - 7349620480
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Zombie Bird Feeder

gruesome zombie - 6696354560
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Epicute: Zombiecookcake

bite cookies cupcake epicute halloween icing zombie - 5336656128
Created by Cassandra Sakamoto ( Via )

Little Zombie Bob

blue fleece Plush zombie - 5319692032
Created by Quacked ( Via )

Zombie Valentine’s Day Cards

valentines zombie cards love Valentines day - 6996260352
Via Think Geek

Zombie Friendship Necklace Set

best of the week chain friendship necklace pendant set silver zombie - 5762510592

You'll Be Ready for the Apocalypse With This Anti-Zombie Guitar

guitar Music zombie - 7156235520
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These Slippers Desire Your Brains!

nerdgasm slippers zombie - 7246327296
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Zombie Kitty

Plush zombie kitty - 6970751488
Created by DollHeart ( Via Etsy )


bear stuffed suit teddy bear zombie - 5166153728
Created by Susan Hank ( Via )


covers faces halloween keys zombie - 5359283200
Created by veronica72 ( Via )


bunny Jewelry sweet zombie - 3174133504
Created by Unknown

Zombie Corset

apparel zombie clothes - 6613495040
Via Gizmodiva

No More Lives!

Jewelry kitty necklace pendant zombie - 6160971264
Created by Buttercup916 ( Via Etsy )

Vote Zombies 2012 T-Shirt

shirt zombie - 5946364160
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Run, Run as Fast as You Can...

Plush felt ornament decor zombie green - 6675718400
Via Laughing Squid
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