Must Have Cool


It's all fake. All of it. None of it is real. It is all a mirage you must see throughׄ

Floppy Disk Sticky Notes

accessory fake nostalgia Office stationary sticky notes - 4015218432
By Unknown

Epicute: Turkey Loaf

bread epicute fake Turkey - 4216501248
By Unknown

Chocolate Bar Camera

camera chocolate chocolate bar digital fake - 4242443008
By Unknown

Robo-Fish: Because You Kill Everything

fish fake pets robots - 6660338176
Via Oddity Central

Wine Candle

bottle candle decor fake illusion wine - 5238288128

Crepes on the Wall

crepes decor fake miniature wall hanging wood - 4439014144
By miacoololcat (Via

TanSafe Secret Stash Box

bottle box fake hide - 6186728704
Via Geek Alerts

8-Bit Fireplace Art

art fake fire light pixelated - 6262616832
Via Geek Alerts

Plastic Ice Cream Bear, I Want to Eat You!

bear fake ice cream model plastic toy - 4806037760

Mustard Spill Pillow

fake mustard Pillow spill - 4586315520

No Watering!

craft fabric fake plant - 6565895168
Via Craft Zine

Dragon Skull Statue

skull dragon statue fake home - 6628675584
Via Geek Alerts

Goodie Gumdrop Soap Set

bath cleaning fake soap sweets - 6120178944
By Leeana (Via Lovelee Soaps)

Lego Burning Man Theme Camp

fake lego - 5874500608

No More Bristly Kisses!

mustache Plush yarn fake cute - 6616795904
Via Shannon Gerard

Quarter Pie

fake inedible miniature pie tiny - 4901606656
By ilovecatz1234 (Via
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