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Floppy Plushies

adorable best of the week faces Plush - 6288834304
By Mitsuki_Ichigo (Via StarRise Roulette)

Epicute: Doraemon Bzzzzzzzzzzzzz

anime art characters coffee epicute faces foam latte milk - 5121710848
By Unknown

Epicute: Rilakkuma Inari

bear epicute faces Rilakkuma sushi tofu - 4655376640
By Unknown

The Hardest Choice

faces paintings Pokémon - 6151380736
By xAvalonx (Via Etsy)

Epicute: Rudolph and Clarice Cupcakes

cupcakes epicute faces fondant reindeer rudolph - 4259858688
By Unknown (Via

Ice Squweem

chain faces ice cream ice cream cone necklace pendant - 5070832640
By ayumi (Via

Fridge Monster Stickers

faces fridge kitchen stickers - 6503808768
Via Geek Alerts

Epicute: Sammich Friends

bread cheese epicute faces ham olives sandwich smile - 4914284800

Cute Cartoon Dinner Set

cartoons colorful faces - 6444734976
By overtherainbow (Via Tiny Deal)

Animal Coathooks

animals coat hooks ears faces metal - 3985391360
By Unknown

Peas-in-a-Pod Necklace

accessory faces green Jewelry necklace peas peas in a pod pod - 4168027392
By Sparkles_N_Glitter

Fur Will Fly Plush Anatomy

cute faces organs Plush - 6550114304
Via Etsy

Ecstatic Ice Cream

cone faces ice cream Plush - 5500327424

Mr. Button

button faces men thread - 5303685120
By jerseychick (Via

Monster Bookmarks

bookmark books faces monster - 4608973568

Epicute: Back to School Cookies

apples cookies epicute faces polka dots - 5134748928
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