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DIY Penguin

craft DIY fabric pattern penguin sew - 5684754688

Alert Owl Pin

brooch craft felt handmade Owl pin - 5132257280
Created by ForgotMyDamnPasswordAGAIN

Yoki the Dragon Pattern

craft DIY dragon pattern Plush sewing soft - 4155231744
Created by fluffels

Make Your Own Wellie Cuffs

clothing craft kit Knitted yarn - 4223204352
Created by Unknown

Felted Birdie Pincushion

birds craft felt felted figurine miniature red Teeny - 4147290624
Created by Unknown

Boo the Bat Knitting Pattern

art bat buttons craft kit Knitted knitting yarn - 4118132480
Created by Unknown

Pushpin Cork Creatures

animals craft DIY pins wine - 5768848896
Created by jerseychick ( Via )

Micro Honey Bee

bee craft Crocheted thread tiny - 4484528384
Created by Sugar82 ( Via )

Alonzio, the Moustachio Pistachio

craft crochet mustache - 4667350016
Created by TippyBahjyCowy ( Via Etsy )

Warm, Cozy Fire

campfire craft fabric fire handmade Plush - 5774125824

Stitch that Skull

DIY craft cross stitch skull spider halloween art - 6666416640
Via Make Zine

DIY Felt Ornaments

felt decor ornaments DIY craft - 6843718144
Via Craft Zine

DIY Mini Solar System

instructions DIY craft - 6730041856
Via Instructables

Cross Stitch Popsicle Pattern

craft cross stitch pattern pink popsicle - 4473771520

Huggable Horns!

best of the week craft DIY pattern Plush sewing - 6340736000
Created by fluffels ( Via Etsy )

Felt Frog Prince

craft crown felt frog prince - 4435303168
Created by jeniifire ( Via Laura Hambleton )

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