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The Hobbit

These Hobbit Valentines Are the Perfect Way to Ask That Special Geek to Share in an Adventure

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Blame Gandalf

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New Trailer for "The Hobbit"

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A bow? Do you think you're an elf?

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...and anyway I'm not interested in rings or jewellery of any kind just at the moment!

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Now That's A Mashup Made In Superfluous Sequel Heaven

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That Can't be What You Said

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The Hobbit: Peter Jackson's Fifth Video Blog

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Guys I forgot. I can't read.

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I Wonder

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Knock Knock

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And pick me up some cigarettes too!

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The First Song from "The Hobbit" Soundtrack

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For a start, 'Royalty' seems to have more than one meaning...

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Kids React to "The Hobbit"

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