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The Hobbit

Keep Calm

2012 best of the week end of the world keep calm Movie The Hobbit - 5737466624
By Unknown

Or will it be Dwarves...?

peter jackson Lord of the Rings high dwarves gandalf smoke The Hobbit pipe weed - 7020094976
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Might Be Best if I Avoid this Gollum Character Altogether

Bilbo Baggins cheating Martin Freeman reading The Hobbit - 5456245760
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No, no problem at all

annoyed dwarf lemonade The Hobbit - 6574450432
By spandrel

. . .89 barrels of dwarves on the wall. . .

annoying song dwarves The Hobbit - 6747630848
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One does not simply "hold it in" while watching The Hobbit

Lord of the Rings sean bean long The Hobbit Boromir one does not - 6949886976
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These Hobbit Valentines Are the Perfect Way to Ask That Special Geek to Share in an Adventure

valentines kili Bilbo Baggins puns The Hobbit fili - 7039937024
Via Never Ending D*ck Jokes
behind the scenes The Hobbit middle earth - 45528577

Making Middle Earth in New Zealand

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What Did You Expect He'd Do With It?

Bilbo Baggins Martin Freeman pig Sherlock The Hobbit - 5929105408
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It's War Now

war dwarves The Hobbit cookies angry - 6616327936
By spandrel

Gee Up - but slowly...

Martin Freeman Bilbo Baggins The Hobbit big horse - 6847409408
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...and anyway I'm not interested in rings or jewellery of any kind just at the moment!

sign Martin Freeman Bilbo Baggins ian mckellen gandalf wizard The Hobbit stop - 6743209984
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It Was Written First

Bilbo Baggins dwarves Martin Freeman prequel The Hobbit - 5890337024
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Lord of the Rings peter jackson The Hobbit Video - 42154497

The Hobbit Trailer of the Day

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The Hobbit movies Video - 43383553

Trailer: Age of the Hobbits

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1960s Bilbo Baggins cartoons gandalf gollum The Hobbit Video - 31938817

The Hobbit: 1967 Animated Short

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