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I Was Expecting a Different Captain's Log Pun

picard gif pun Star Trek - 7706606080
Created by Unknown

That's No Man

T-1000 pun terminator 2 joke - 7719620352
Created by Unknown

2000's Spider is not the same as 1960's Spiderman

Spider-Man fat hal sparks pun insult - 6958129664
See all captions Created by KaanTheKordor

Star Wars - Band-tooine. They're On Band-tooine

best of the week millennium falcon pun star wars wordplay - 6287990784
Via Frosty Waffle

Paul Newman Would Be Jealous

star wars pun luke skywalker - 7701400320
Created by Unknown

Qualta blade therapy

ben browder pun ka-dargo mind misunderstanding farscape brain john chrichton - 6944570112
See all captions Created by kladdaugh

Doctor Who - What They're Really Saying

comic dalek doctor who eggs Exterminate pun - 6569962240
Via Ask a Sealion
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