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Star Trek - Mr. Data...

brent spiner Captain Picard cartoons comic data make it so patrick stewart pun Star Trek the next generation underwear - 6545133824
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Doctor Who - What They're Really Saying

comic dalek doctor who eggs Exterminate pun - 6569962240
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Time to commit Insecticide!

dragon wasps pun syfy - 6847149056
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Game of Thrones - She Saw What You Did There

aidan gillen cersei lannister I see what you did there lena headey Littlefinger petyr baelish pun - 6103831808
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Everyone Needs to Stop Taking Things So Literally!

picard TNG pun Star Trek patrick stewart - 7778649856

2000's Spider is not the same as 1960's Spiderman

Spider-Man fat hal sparks pun insult - 6958129664
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ferengi captain sisko avery brooks Star Trek Deep Space Nine ears commander pun - 6577846016
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Personally I blame it on your media-hugging ancestors!

cardassians kardashians martini mistake pun Star Trek - 6463502848
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Salmon Dean Winchester

pun jensen ackles Supernatural dean winchester - 6730072832
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Of Course you Realize

Michael Dorn of course pun war Worf - 5425633024
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best of the week klingon Michael Dorn pun Star Trek Worf - 5884325888
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Guitar Heroes

DC Fan Art guitar marvel pun superheroes - 6566076416
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Harry Potter - I Am?

best of the week Hagrid Harry Potter pun robbie coltrane wizard - 6210263040
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Don't worry, little Hobbits. My bark is worse than my bite.

bite hobbits Lord of the Rings pun - 6521116928
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I Drink it Up!

doctor who ood pun quote - 6375243008
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The Different Types of Dark Knights

batman funny gifs Movie pun the dark knight - 6307464448
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