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Star Wars - Darth Vader in Love

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Because obsessing over a man who thinks love is a useless emotion is always healthy for a young woman.

Spock uhura Vulcan Leonard Nimoy love Star Trek Nichelle Nichols - 6620214016
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love Neil deGrasse Tyson spaceships Star Trek Video - 39875073

Neil deGrasse Tyson Explains Why He Loves the Enterprise

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Very Progressive

ferengi love Star Trek voyager - 5550755328
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STOP... the name of love...

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R-True Love

star wars r2-d2 love - 7753537536
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He Died

died futurama love skeletons snu snu - 5701221632
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Star Wars, Game of Thrones - Worked for Me

best of the week carrie fisher Game of Thrones jaime lannister love luke skywalker Mark Hamill nikolaj coster-waldau Princess Leia sister star wars wrong - 6321819392
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WTF Sci-Fi Book Covers: Shadow on the Moon

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Bros for Life

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Alien Loves Predator

Aliens photography hugging Predator love xenomorphs - 6943670784
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alien break up deleted scene love prometheus suit therapy - 6577624832
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Some Guys Get All the Girls...From Other Guys

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But She's the Love Interest

ginny weasley Harry Potter love Ron Weasley rupert grint - 5892757760
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Oh, Self...You're So Great!

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