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Joke's on You!

gifs love the simpsons funny - 8201989376
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10 of Our Favorite Sitcom Couples

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Our Love is Like Brains!

door funny human love night of the living dead zombie - 6439618560
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Why You Should Never Let George R.R. Martin Set You Up with Someone

killing date Game of Thrones George RR Martin characters love - 7047122688
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These Star Wars Valentine's Day Cards are Perfect for that Special Geek in Your Life

Fan Art puns cards Lando Calrissian love yoda Valentines day - 7022748160
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The Love of Her Life

bella swan best of the week captain janeway Harry Potter hermione granger love Princess Leia Star Trek star wars twilight - 5564806144
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Keeping the Show Great

allison scagliotti claudia donovan contract director love warehouse 13 - 5373016320
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Because obsessing over a man who thinks love is a useless emotion is always healthy for a young woman.

Spock uhura Vulcan Leonard Nimoy love Star Trek Nichelle Nichols - 6620214016
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best day ever

Anna Torv Fringe Olivia Dunham joshua jackson love holding hands - 6881400320
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Good Guy Doctor

best of the week clone crazy David Tennant doctor who love meme the doctor - 6087946496
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It's... it sparkles

alcohol best of the week hug james doohan KISS love scotty Star Trek still a better love story - 6244737536
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Very Progressive

ferengi love Star Trek voyager - 5550755328
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Bros for Life

scrubs love funny - 8249148672
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Game of Thrones - George R. R. Martin's Next Book

a song of ice and fire best of the week comic everything Game of Thrones George RR Martin good idea Joss Whedon love - 6297075456
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Some Guys Get All the Girls...From Other Guys

scrubs TV love - 8104353792
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Droid Love

art droids flowers love r2d2 star wars trash can T.Shirt - 6062065152
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