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Star Wars in Charts

best of the week darth vader infographic lightsabers limbs numbers star wars - 6150144512
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The Reboot Grid

bad idea Chart good idea infographic movies reboot - 6537661952
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Holy Venn Diagrams!

bat batman infographic man - 6368928000
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Real Spaceships Compared to the Enterprise

enterprise infographic science spaceships Star Trek - 6352226816
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The Rules of Magic

fantasy infographic magic rules series - 5535801088
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Game of Thrones Alignment Chart

a song of ice and fire alignment cersei lannister Chart dungeons and dragons Eddard Stark Game of Thrones infographic peter dinklage sansa stark sean bean - 5902934016
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Internet Fandom by the Numbers

best of the week doctor who fandom fanfiction Harry Potter infographic internet Star Trek star wars twilight - 5590728960
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Go Forth and Take a Friend to Star Trek

scifi Star Trek infographic - 7462873856
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Doctor Who - Meeting in the Wrong Order

doctor who infographic meeting order River Song the doctor timeline - 5382376704
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How Much Money Has "Star Wars" Made?

infographic Millenium Falcon money movies star wars toys video games - 6301563648
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Anatomy of Earth

best of the week diagram doctor who humans infographic silence silurians - 6164929024
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Popularity of Marvel Superheroes

avengers infographic marvel Spider-Man superheroes the lizard x men - 6508133120
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Sci-Fi Fan Reference Chart

Avatar Browncoats Chart fans Firefly infographic klingon lost movies science fiction Star Trek star wars Trekkies tv shows western - 5773442816
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Visual Timeline of the One Ring

art Lord of the Rings infographic - 6996840960
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How the TARDIS Works

doctor who infographic science tardis - 5369274368
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How Much Money Per Page is Tolkien's Writing Worth at the Box Office?

infographic Lord of The Ring Lord of the Rings money movies peter jackson - 6478299136
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