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How Batman Villains Have Evolved Over Time

bane batman evolution infographic the joker the riddler villains - 6453027328
Via Wired

Holy Venn Diagrams!

bat batman infographic man - 6368928000
Via Stephen Wildish

An Illustrated Timeline of Robots

timeline movies daleks robots infographic - 6997306112
Via Paste Magazine

Star Wars in Charts

best of the week darth vader infographic lightsabers limbs numbers star wars - 6150144512
Via Oskoui Oskoui

Scientific Advancements Between "Prometheus" and "Alien"

Aliens infographic prometheus science spaceships - 6165725440
Via Vulture

How the TARDIS Works

doctor who infographic science tardis - 5369274368
Created by Unknown

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Happy Towel Day!

best of the week Douglas Adams ford prefect Hitchhiker's Gui Hitchhikers Guide To the Galaxy infographic towel - 6264828928
Via The Mary Sue

Popularity of Marvel Superheroes

avengers infographic marvel Spider-Man superheroes the lizard x men - 6508133120
Via Movies

What Time Is

art doctor who infographic quote time wibbly wobbly timey wimey - 5386747392
Via behance

Looper Timeline

looper infographic timeline time travel - 6662790656
Via Wired

The Reboot Grid

bad idea Chart good idea infographic movies reboot - 6537661952
Via Jest

Fantasy Realms in the United Kingdom

fantasy infographic vacation visit worlds - 5650486016
Created by Unknown

A Brief History of "Star Trek"

history Star Trek infographic space - 7066571008
Via Space

How Much Money Per Page is Tolkien's Writing Worth at the Box Office?

infographic Lord of The Ring Lord of the Rings money movies peter jackson - 6478299136
Via Vulture

Star Wars by the Numbers

darth vader facts infographic numbers star wars - 5500724480
Created by Unknown

Internet Fandom by the Numbers

best of the week doctor who fandom fanfiction Harry Potter infographic internet Star Trek star wars twilight - 5590728960
Created by Unknown
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