Set Phasers to LOL


You better point that gun someplace else. Ahhhh you're just happy to see me no worries. This "pinnacle" of human achievement has defined the modern world ever since it's inception, so if you like you're firearms, lock and load and get ready to have a blast.

I'm sensing reluctance. What if we lower your deductible?

salesman insurance warehouse 13 gun myka berring joanne kelly - 6608912896
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And Those Non-Pointed Ears!

coat gun Leonard Nimoy Shatnerday Spock the man from UNCLE William Shatner - 5938753024
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Works Every Time

ferengi gun rule Star Trek vorta - 6037338624
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car crap Dwayne Johnson g-i-joe gun tank the rock - 6343223040
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Don't Let the Free Flashlight Fool You

claudia black keys destroy farscape gun john chrichton aeryn sun ben browder - 6961643520
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Rick Grimes chandler riggs zombie walkers Andrew Lincoln carl grimes gun The Walking Dead - 6899507712
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This is Shirley

adam baldwin Firefly gun hurt jayne cobb - 5823327488
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